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What Is Trustifi
The Easiest and Most Comprehensive Email Security Platform on the Market

Wha is Trustifi

Trustifi is a software-as-a-services (SaaS) company offering a patented Postmarked email system that encrypts, tracks, proves delivery, and is the first federally-accepted method of sending legal documents online. The solution provides any company dealing with sensitive data with absolute confidentiality, security and legal compliance. Send secure emails today!

Our Goal

To transform today’s email communications, with a comprehensive and innovative cybersecurity solution that’s impenetrable, yet simple to implement and simple to use, giving clients true peace of mind.

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Why Trustifi?

Click-of-a-Button Easy

End-to-end secure emails are sent and tracked with the click of a button, and easily opened, read, and returned.


Why pay separate vendors for encryption, DLP, and ATP when Trustifi delivers all three for a fraction of the price?

Seamless Integration

Our open API means you can continue to use Outlook, Gmail, and many more email systems without any change in functionality for the user.


Gain all the convenience and cost-saving advantages of cloud-based solutions without compromising an inch on security.

Company Branding, Training & Support

Select Enterprise customers have access to company branding and product white labeling. Plus one-on-one team training.


Encryption needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, so your email security platform shouldn’t be either. Customized solutions are available upon request, often without charge.

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What We Offer

Outlook and gmail security

Security Added to Gmail & Outlook

Add security and visibility to Gmail or Outlook with the click of a button.

Inbound and outbound security

Inbound & Outbound Security

Use one vendor for your organization’s email security

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Additional Security Options

Easily integrate Trustifi into your proprietary platform via an open API.