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Trustifi vs Competitors Comparison
Choosing the Right Email Encryption Solution for Your Company

When it comes to selecting an email encryption service for privacy and compliance, you have choices. How do you choose the right one?



Email Encryption
Encrypts message body and attachments
State-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption
Recipients can reply in an encrypted manner with one-click
No need for recipient to create an account or login
Direct delivery into recipient's mailbox
Mass mail capabilities
Postmarked Email Delivery Proof
Certified email delivery proof
Proof of delivery with timestamps
Proof of content
Delivery audit trail
Email Tracking
Email delivery tracking
Email forwarding tracking
Email opening tracking
Private Cloud Storage
Included Standard (up to 20 GB)
Encrypted Storage
Send documents directly from private cloud
Content Filtering Protection
Included Standard
Real-time sensitive content detections and alerts
Detailed reporting of sensitive contect detection
Apply custom logos and banners
Software integrations via open API
Threat intelligence and response
Talos: Access to the world's largest threat database at no additional fee NO NO
External threat feeds (STIX and TAXII) YES Limited
Cross-enterprise threat investigation and response YES Limited
Phishing protection
Advanced phishing protection YES YES
Domain protection YES YES
Web interaction tracking YES YES
Scanning URLs in attachments YES YES
Shortened URL scanning NO NO
Anti-phishing, malicious URL detection, and AMP (in base offering) YES NO
Email authentication
DMARC, DKIM, and SPF analysis YES YES
Sender domain reputation filtering YES NO
DNS-based authentication of named entities (DANE) NO NO
Deep file analysis
File retrospection YES YES
Retrospective message remediation in a cloud-based service YES Limited
Macro and file-type filtering YES YES
Outbound protection
Data loss prevention policy solution integrated into email gateway YES YES
Sender control of encrypted envelopes via sender portal YES NO
Cloud infrastructure
Dedicated cloud instance service per customer with dedicated IP addresses YES YES
Redundant secure email gateways in different data centers for each customer NO NO

Trustifi is the Preferred Choice for Worry Free Encryption

With email open tracking, customizable encryption options, easy secure reply capability and an automatic message and attachment content analyzing built-in layer of protection from accidents, it's no wonder that businesses of all sizes prefer Trustifi’s email security service.

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